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At the center is the light, the essence of energy, the idea exalted, the gem—a perfect yoke of meaning. The continually swirling vortex comes to a central calm of intimate fruition, as does the smallest insect touching a pond, causing a ripple millions of times larger than itself, like the Zen of a butterfly when the flutter of its wings in one part of the world may eventually cause a hurricane in another. The whole is greater than the sum of all parts in this multi-layered world of creative expression.

Blue Vortext Publishers

Welcome to Blue VorTEXT on-line journal, a place to rest and become energized by the arts: literary, visual, lyrical, musical, whimsical and more.

Blue VorTEXT was founded in 2013 and Blue Vortex Publishers, the parent company, was founded in 2002. Both are a San Diego, California based business.

We focus on the publishing of limited edition books and have worked with other publishers to provide author escorts to television, radio and other media events, food-styling for television food-network authors and other unique author-related activities.

With the launching of this Blue VorTEXT on-line journal in 2013, we threw an even wider net. Archives of the journal will eventually culminate into a printed anthology. Writers and artist are featured by invitation. If you would like to be a featured artist, poet or flash fiction writer, please submit your request to bluevortex1@yahoo.com. 

To inquire about Blue Vortex Publishing of books please contact us at bluevortex1@yahoo.com 

Our Mission:

In future issues you may find the following:

  • A feature writer or artist

  • An interview with the writer or artist

  • A showcase of art or photograph

  • Book Reviews

  • Poetry or Flash fiction 

  • Tributes to an artist, poet, writer, or important group in literary history.

5 Responses to Welcome to Blue VorTEXT

  1. Eleanor Little says:

    Beautiful; a grand idea. Love the introduction!

  2. chris vannoy says:

    Poet and artist.

  3. Tomas Gayton says:

    Please notify me when you are accepting submissions. Thanks!

  4. The idea for this site is grand. Your presentation is both inspiring and beautiful. I was introduced to your site by my long time friend and former collaborator Diane Gage through you fantastic special issue devoted to her. I hope your vision will take wing to inspire the arts not only in San Diego but around the world, especially focusing on the many fine writers and artists who create at the margins here in San Diego. Please put me on your list for all future issues.

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